A Rich History and Tradition

A rich history and over 70 year tradition.

A Chicago Staple

Since 1950, Harold’s Chicken has been a Chicago staple, particularly on the South Side of Chicago, and is well known for its uniquely fried chicken and special “Mild Sauce”. Our founder, Harold Pierce, an African-American Chicago Business Man, developed the character of Harold’s primarily out of necessity because the larger fast food chains tended to avoid the African-American neighborhoods in the city of Chicago. At that time, the legal and social obstacles in Chicago prevented Harold’s and other black-owned businesses from expanding into the downtown Chicago area and the North Side area of Chicago. As a result, Harold’s became one of the few examples of a thriving fast food chain that was owned by, and primarily served, the Chicago African-American Community.

In recent years, Harold’s Chicken has not only expanded across the South Side of Chicago and the South Suburbs, but also to the West Side of Chicago, the North Side of Chicago and also to Downtown Chicago.

Harold’s Chicken locations have also expanded outside of Chicago to Northwest Indiana, Detroit, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Madison (WI), Dallas, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

In June 2012, Harold’s opened its doors in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, as “Harold’s Chicken & Ice Bar”.

Harold’s Chicken & Ice Bar was the first Harold’s franchise to transition from the traditional, informal “Harold’s Chicken Shack” which consisted of chicken primarily served as take-out orders by Harold’s employee’s, standing behind glass windows, to a more traditional sit-down, sports bar atmosphere, with a full bar- serving specialized cocktails, beer, wine, hookah & the traditional Harold’s Chicken staple food items.

Harold’s Chicken & Ice Bar in Atlanta has served as the model for other similar locations that are now open in the city of Chicago, Los Angeles, Marietta, Old National, Duluth & our newest location in Charlotte.

Harold’s Chicken Today

Despite its location being over 700 miles away from its birthplace, Harold’s Chicken & Ice Bar has made it a point of emphasis to maintain that same tradition of deliciously Chicago-style flavored chicken & fish dinners, drizzled in its signature soaking mild and hot sauces (imported weekly from Chicago), and thus continuing the 70-year rich tradition that native Chicagoans, residing in Atlanta or other cities as well, typically can only experience during return visits to the city of Chicago.